What Colon Cleanse To Choose?

One of the best ways to begin to lose weight is to start with a colon cleanse.

How do you choose between herbal colon cleansing and colonic hydro-therapy? There are distinct differences between the two, even though they both strive to achieve the same objective. One has been dubbed the “Rolls Royce” of colon cleansing while the other a “Cadillac.” Both are very good choices when it comes to cleansing the colon of toxins, impacted waste, parasites, and more, but which one is right for you?

In this article we will explain the differences between the two options and provide you with a clear understanding of how they both work to cleanse the colon.

The main objective of both options is to help revitalize and strengthen the entire body by removing trapped waste, parasites and toxins from the colon. Many who complete either herbal cleansing or colonic hydro-therapy report benefits dealing with conditions such as IBS and Diverticulitis. What you personally have to go through for each option is as different as night and day. Let’s look at both, beginning with a summary of herbal cleansing.
Colonics vs. Herbal Cleansing
A side-by-side comparison Herbal colon cleansing and colonics are both good tools in cleansing the colon. What you choose depends upon your personal preferences.

The Process
Herbal Colon Cleansing uses natural herbs to increase contractions of the colon. These contractions push waste matter through the colon and out of the body. These same contractions strengthen the muscles of the colon so it contracts more regularly on its own.

Colonics use water and massage techniques to flush out impacted waste and strengthen the colon. The pulsing water can strengthen the colon walls.

Risks and Side Effects
Herbal Colon Cleansing is not an invasive procedure with no risks of perforation or infection. There are little to no side effects from herbal cleansing. Some mild cramping can occasionally occur but this can be avoided by reducing the dosage to suit your body.

Colonics are invasive and can have more serious side effects, if administered improperly. This procedure requires you to do your research to get a well- trained hydrotherapist.

The Cleanse
While both Colonics and Herbal Colon Cleansing flush the colon of impacted waste, they may also deplete good bacteria from your digestive system.

Herbal Colon Cleansing includes healthy bacteria in the program.

Colonics require you to replenish healthy bacteria with probiotic supplements after the procedures.

Herbal Colon Cleansing requires ingesting a supplement and is done in the comfort of your home on your schedule. Results will vary; some people get immediate results, while others take a bit longer. Follow-up cleanses will be needed as your symptoms return.

Colonics require multiple visits to an office. Repeated colonics will be needed as your symptoms return. Either procedure should be part of a preventative care plan for your colon and digestive health.

The Cost
Herbal Colon Cleansing is significantly less expensive than colonics. Prices of packages available on this site vary, depending on the severity of your issues.

Colonics are considerably more expensive, but then again so is a Rolls vs. a Caddy. As with herbal colon cleansing, your costs will be directly related to the severity of your issues.

Both herbal colon cleansing and colonics are procedures that can greatly benefit your health and longevity. People rave about the benefits of both, citing increased energy, weight loss, relief from bouts of constipation, IBS and diverticulitis discomfort. People have seen many unpleasant things removed from their colons during both procedures, including parasites, mucous and the occasional undigested pieces of food. One radio disc-jockey claimed she even found a long lost childhood toy!

To get the most out of your cleansing experience regardless of which procedure you choose, you’ll want to alter your eating habits. An increase in daily fiber intake and implementing some basic food-combining tips benefit people suffering with digestive discomfort a great deal in the short and long run.

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