Weight Loss Weapon: Accountability

Accountability is one of the most powerful weapons in your weight loss toolbox. Liability keeps you on track, keeps you making the right decisions & keep your progress stable.

What is accountability?

Accountability¬†means to respond to any of your progress (or lack of progress). If you don’t do what you said you’d do, if you don’t make progress on your goals, you need to answer some questions about why that is. This may not sound like a big deal to you but when you respond to someone you admire & trust, it may be uncomfortable to admit: “I haven’t stuck to my action goals this week, so I’ve no progress. ”

Can you see how this could keep you on track? By giving you someone to answer to, even if its you.

Who do you think would keep you on track & encourage you to stick to your plan & succeed. You could partner with a weight loss buddy & each of you could be accountable to the other. You might join a support group or mastermind group so all together you stay on track. You could even hire a personal trainer, nutritionist, or coach who’d work with you every week about setting goals & achieving them.

For accountability to work effectively, there must be consequences when you don’t stick to the plan. These consequences need not be a negative, as a punishment – but they’ve to encourage you to get back on track & do it better week by week.

Just admit that you’re not tried to your best to reach a sufficient result. Nobody likes to admit they’ve been slacking. The disappointment & embarrassment to admit your lack of action is usually a strong good motivator to get you back on track with weight loss goals.

If you stick to your plans & progress, there must be some kind of reward or positive feedback that makes you motivated & determined to succeed. The rewards can be simple – like buying yourself a new book, new clothes, or some downtime to relax. You can give these things to yourself, or you can create a method to reward with your accountability partner.

The most important thing to know that you’ve to answer to someone for your actions. That knowledge alone keeps you focused, determined & moving towards your goal weight.

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