Use the Power of Imagination to Curb Your Cravings

If you are struggling to find a way to control cravings for sweets or other junk food, you will love the fun application beneath. Imagination is a powerful tool when working to achieve any goal, including weight loss. “visualization” has been used to aid dieters, by imagining that you are slim and fit helps you stick to a weight loss plan far easier. Professional athletes also use this technique to improve their performance in sports.

Use this technique to satisfy cravings for different foods & it’s so easy & fun to do!

The next time you begin to crave a food you don’t want to eat, because it’ll ruin your diet, curb your cravings by firstly finding a calm place to be alone. Sit quietly, close your eyes & take some slow, deep breaths. This will calm & centre you & prepare you for the imagination exercise.

Next, picture of the food you are craving. Clearly imagine just how it looks. Is it on a plate, in a bowl, or take-out containers? Is it hot or cold? How does it smell? Imagine tilting close to the food & smell it, deeply.

Imagine putting the food in your mouth and taste. Really think about how it tastes – enjoy as if you’re really eating the food at this time. Imagine taking a much larger bite & chew happily as the taste of the food, floods in your mouth. Imagine chewing & swallowing, so eager to take another bite.

Continue, slowly until you believe that you’ve had as much as necessary. Then sit back in a few minuets imagine that you feel full & happy, as if you really did just enjoy a serving delicious food.

If you were able to fully experience this, you’ll notice with astonishment that you’re able to control your cravings & you will no longer feel a desire to eat this food. You’ll feel satisfied and as if you really ate!

Warning: This exercise won’t work well if you are actually hungry at the time you try to do it. This works best on the emotional demands. If you are hungry, be sure to eat a small salad or a snack before you try this exercise. You will find it works much better if your stomach is satisfied – this exercise is to satisfy your mind more than anything else.

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