Top Ten Ways to Cut Calories


One of the most common complaints about dieting is that you must do a lot of unpleasant sacrifices. You might need to cut or limit foods that you love & start eating foods that you may not be so happy. There are, however, smaller, more subtle ways to cut calories & achieve your weight loss goal – some of them are so simple & easy that you hardly notice that you make healthier choices at all.

Take a look at the following easy ways to cut calories:

One – Use less mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is fattening, especially if you slather a couple of tablespoons of sandwiches. Limit calories and fat by using a very thin layer (1 tablespoon or less). You’ll still get the flavor, but without the extra fat. Even better, switch to mustard.

Two – Drink a glass of water before meals

You can reduce the amount of calories you eat in each meal by drinking a glass of water first, making you feel full so you eat less.

Three – Switch a snack per day for vegetables

If snacks typically contain two hundred calories or so, you can reduce this amount significantly if you have a  vegetable snack per day. Try celery sticks dipped in low fat dressing, raw cauliflower florets dipped in salsa, or a couple of romaine lettuce leaves smeared with hummus.

Four – Switch to Stevia

If you usually add sugar to coffee & tea, switch to Stevia, which is a non-calorie, natural sweetener that doesn’t affect your blood sugar levels.

Five – Replace the cream with milk

Likewise, if you usually use heavy cream in your coffee, try milk or fat-free creamer instead. This may take some time getting used to, but you’ll save a lot of calories each day by making this small change.

Six – Eat slower

When you take the time to eat during meals and snacks, you’ll automatically eat less – sometimes as much as 50% less! Eating slowly gives your body time to register the fact that it’s satisfied. Aim for twenty min or more for each meal & snack. Chew slowly and pause between bites, then stop eating when satisfied (not stuffed).

Seven – Eat fruit

If you have a stubborn sweet tooth that leads you to the candy and other sweets, cut calories  by having a couple of servings of fruit a day. The natural fructose and fibre will help calm sugar cravings, in turn the calorie count will be much less than you get from eating candy and other sweets.

Eight – Switch to light bread

Switching to light bread can help you to cut 50-100 calories per day. Or cut bread out completely by eating the sandwich fillings on a bed of lettuce or package them in a romaine lettuce leaves.

Nine – Omit the cheese

A slice of cheese can contain more than one hundred calories, you may not even miss it if you omit it – especially if a sandwich is loaded with other good things like fresh, crispy vegetables and lean protein. If you feel like something is missing, try to replace the cheese with a few hot peppers, olives or pickles for extra flavor.

Ten – Eat half

If you buy food in a restaurant, cafe or deli, try to eat half or less of the serving you get. Most sandwiches, muffins, bagels and appetizers include a minimum of 2 portions,  sometimes 3 or 4 servings. Make it a habit to eat only half or less, & save the rest for later.

All these strategies are very effective, but they’re so subtle that you hardly notice that you’re cutting calories.

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