How to Tone Your Arms

How to Tone Your Arms Without Bulking Up

I found this great article the other day on how to tone your arms without having to worry about bulking up. When trying to lose weight toning the muscles is important and can actually speed up up weight loss.

If you can do it without having to worry about bulking up even better. I thought this was a really good general article that gives real world ideas that you can start using tomorrow to tone your arms and lose the weight you want.

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How to tone your arms is a common question asked by many people, especially women.  Women are often afraid to start weight training because they don’t want to look like scaled-down versions of the Incredible Hulk.

Here’s how to tone your arms without “bulking up”:

How to Tone Your Arms Tip #1 – Start with very light weights

For beginners, very light weights are best.  One or two pound weights come in dumbbell and ankle/wrist weights, which are perfect for arm exercises.  You don’t even have to use weights if you don’t want to; just moving your arms through the motions has enough resistance to help tone muscles, especially if you are a beginner.

How to Tone Your Arms Tip #2 – Work all muscle groups

There are three main muscle groups in the upper arms: deltoids are high up on the outer part of the arms, up and over the shoulders; biceps are on the inner/front part of the upper arms; and triceps are on the upper back part of the arms.  Arm-toning exercises should incorporate movements for all three of these important muscle groups.

The key to toning these areas is using light weights and doing multiple repetitions of each movement.  (If you wanted to bulk up these muscles, you would use heavier weights and do fewer repetitions.)

A few examples of movements that target these upper-arm areas:

Deltoids:  holding weights with your arms straight down by your sides, slowly lift your arms up and away from the body (making a “T” formation) to about shoulder height, keeping the backs of your hands facing up toward the ceiling.  Slowly lower your arms back to your sides, then repeat 12-25 times.

Biceps:  holding weights with your arms straight down by your sides, slowly rotate your lower arms outward so your palms are facing forward, then slowly “curl” your arms by bending your elbows and bringing the weights up toward your shoulders.  Slowly lower the weights, and repeat 12-25 times.  You can also do this exercise in a seated position by resting your elbow on your knee and repeatedly “curling” the weight up to your shoulder and back down to a relaxed position.

Triceps:  this is one of the toughest areas to target, but here is a good move for doing so.  Standing with your arms raised directly overhead, bend your elbows so your hands with weights are now hanging down toward the back of your shoulders.  Keeping upper arms close to your ears and elbows pointed straight up at the ceiling, slowly extend your lower arms upward, raising the weights toward the ceiling.  Gently lower them back to your shoulders and repeat 12-25 times.

How to Tone Your Arms Tip #3
– Stretch

After working your arm muscles, it’s important to stretch.  Put the weights down and stand with feet shoulder-width apart, then slowly reach both arms up toward the ceiling, stretching as far as you comfortably can.  Hold for several seconds.  Then bring one arm across your body, using the opposite hand to gently “press” the arm closer to you and stretch the shoulder muscle.  Hold again, then repeat with the other arm.  Finally, reach both arms behind you and clasp your hands together, then gently bring your hands out and away from your body, lifting them upward toward the ceiling as you stretch your arm muscles.

Like all toning exercises, it’s important to give your arm muscles a break in between workouts.  Aim for working these muscles a few times per week, allowing one to two full days between each session for rest and repair.

Simple techniques on how to tone your arms. I am always looking for good articles that give real techniques. I have also put together the best techniques in my natural weight loss newsletter.

Remember if you want to lose weight you need to learn how to tone your arms and it can be done without bulking up and you can look healthy and feminine at the same time.

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