Three Calorie-Busting Winter Workouts

Winter can get in the way of your exercising regime because cold weather puts you off getting outside & working out. Remember to keep motivated! Here are some good cold weather activities that can help you stay in shape until the weather warms up:

Winter Workout number one – shoveling

If you ever shovelled snow before, you know what gives a great workout! It gets your heart pumping & muscles working as few workouts can. Rather than moaning the next time a blizzard is on its way to you, collect your boots, gloves, hat & scarf & wait eagerly for the first flakes to fall. Shovel in multi-session instead of waiting until there is a foot or more snow on the ground, otherwise you will probably overdo it & regret it later. Shovel if six or fewer inches of snow on the ground – unless the heavy, wet snow, in which case you need to shovel more. You can burn over four hundred calories an hour shovelling snow! (Note that creates a very strenuous activity, make sure your doctor says your heart is strong enough to do it.)

Winter Workout number two – Cross-country skiing

Unlike traditional skiing, cross country skiing takes place on level ground. If no official cross-country skiing trails are in your area, you can use public parks or snow-covered trails. Skiing can burn over five hundred calories in 1 hour and gives you a fantastic winter all-over workout.

Winter Workout number three – brisk “power” walking

The winter season doesn’t mean you wont find a nice route for a brisk walk outside to enjoy. However, if there is snow on the ground or if the temperature is too cold, you can easily this training indoors. If you’ve a treadmill, set it at a fast speed & go for 30-60 min. If you don’t have a treadmill at home, join a gym. If none of these options work for you, you can just mar in place at high speed & burn the same # of calories. Brisk walking or marching can help you to burn nearly three hundred calories per hour.

These winter workouts are all very easy to put into practice,in fact the bigger challenge and change to routine could motivate even move. If you find yourself thinking about ditching your winter workout and prefer to beĀ  snuggled in front of the television. Just think of lying on a warm beach in your sexy swim wear – & how happy you’ll be if you kept up your winter workout routine .

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