Suggestions for Weight Loss

In order to successfully reduce weight and get slim, you have to eat healthy food, you have to reduce your consume of fat and carbohydrates and you have to exercise regularly. Here are some practical advices leading to your weight loss goal:

Eat less fat. A low fat diet.can help you avoid some serious health problems and to get rid of the unwanted fat. Try the following suggestions: choose dishes free of fat or with a low fat content, read their labels carefully, pay attention on their preparation and cooking (try cooked or steamed).

Increase your physical activity. If you’ve been inactive for a longer period of time, try to exercise daily and increase your ability to stay fit or achieve your ideal weight. The exercises not only will burn down the calories and fat, but will preserve the capacity of burning the calories after the work out. It will also improve your general state. Even if you won’t lose weight, you will enjoy the comfort and the wellness given by the moves.

Eat small dishes and often. Instead of having three courses daily, divide the daily necessary intake in five up to seven courses daily. This will help your body to consume the calories more efficiently.

Look in the mirror and not on the scale. While the surplus of fat will turn into muscle (being harder and dense than fatty tissue) your weight might increase in the first period.

Keep a diary. Write in this little book of yours the eating habits, when you eat, with whom you eat, your state of mind, how you eat. These things will help you to identify those eating habits which are not connected to hunger (for example eating snacks while watching TV).

This is just one example of how to lose weight.

Drink lots of water (6-8 glasses). Liquids clean toxins and provide you with energy.

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