Stress Eating & Weight Loss

Stress eating is one of the most common reasons for weight gain, and why people find it hard to lose weight. Stress eating means overeating in response to emotional stress, pressure or sadness. You use food as a drug in an attempt to calm these emotions.

The key problems with stress eating are:

1) The amount of food you need to eat to reduce stress will increase, you will find yourself eating more and more to achieve the same calming effects.

2) When you consuming more and more calories you will quickly start to gain weight, this increase in weight will add to your stress levels and reduce your self confidence and lead to more emotional eating. Talk about a vicious circle.

Stop stress eating for good:

Strategy number one – Reduce stress levels with exercise

You don’t have to use food to reduce stress & negative emotions. There are other alternatives that work better.  When you participate in a rigorous workout, you burn a lot of energy, both physical & emotional energy. That quickly begins to clear the tension from your body so you feel much more relaxed & emotionally balanced. Just 15-30 minuets of exercise is sufficient to diffuse emotional cravings for food.

Strategy number two – Purge stress verbally or by writing

Writing or talking about any negative emotions is a great way to release stress or negative emotions. “Get it out” so its no longer weighing on your mind. Working through negative emotions reduces the likelihood that you use food to cope with them. – Relieve stress by soothing activities
Another good way to calm stress & avoid stress eating is to engage in activities that’ll calm your mind & body & release stress gently. Try meditation, deep breathing, & stretching. All these activities help shift you into a calmer, more peaceful state of mind & release stress physically & mentally.
Creative hobbies like painting, sewing, music & gardening. are also great stress busting activities. You could also listen to soothing music, take warm bath, a walk through the park, or read or watch something funny & uplifting.

You must do these things before you eat anything. If you are already stressed you will be stress eating. Do what you can to avoid stress first & then eat when you feel calmer.

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