Strategies for Successful Natural Weight Loss

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Many of us have promised ourselves and our loved ones that we will shed some pounds this year. Some of us may have made that same promise many times before without the desired results. That doesn’t mean we should just give up. Using simple strategies for successful natural weight loss you can achieve your goals.
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    Drink Plenty of Water.
    The top weight loss tip is to drink more water. Drink at least 8 to 10 8 oz glasses of water daily. If you are physically active you may need more. Water speed up your metabolism which burns calories. Water also helps flush waste out of our system and helps us to digest our food to get the most nutrition out of the food we eat. If we drink water between meals it also makes us full so it helps avoid temptation. Drink Plenty of Water.

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    Eliminate Soda.
    Soda is full of sugar or artificial sweeteners that have no nutritional value. Soda, diet soda and all commercially processed drinks are full of sweeteners or preservatives that help us gain weight. The suitable alternatives are water and natural tea. Choose Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Pu-er Tea or any tea. Tea has no calories or preservatives. Limit the amount of sugar you add.

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    Eat More Vegetables.
    Fresh Vegetables add many vitamins, minerals and nutrients without adding many calories. Try the half plate method. Fill at least half of your plate with vegetables. The balance of the plate should be low fat protein and a carbohydrate like rice, pasta or potato. Ideally you want to eat 60 to 70% of your diet as fruit and vegetables. So if at least half of your lunch and dinner plate is vegetables we are getting there. Additionally, you can choose beans over meat sometimes. If you choose meat, choose lean meat. For your carbohydrates choose whole grains for rice, pasta, or breads.

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    Watch Your Condiments.
    Sugar of course is the number one thing we consume to gain weight. Limit it or eliminate it. Choose Truvia or other calorie free sweeteners. Choose mustard over mayonnaise. Choose oil or vinegar based dressings verses the creamy salad dressings. Limit the amount of dressings you add to you salads.

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    Eat Healthy Snacks.
    Instead of eating bakery snacks or chocolate and candy snacks choose fruit, vegetables and nuts. Not only are they healthier for you but they will help you to lose weight. To do this you must be prepared. Have the snacks available at home and at work. When you shop avoid the cookies, cakes and candy sections and purchase healthy fruit and vegetables and nuts.

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    Be Accountable.
    Two are always better than one. When one is week the other is strong. Choose a weight loss buddy to encourage you and some one you can be accountable to. It is good if they are also living a healthy lifestyle so you are on your weight loss journey together.

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    We live sedentary lifestyles. most people only get exercise when they establish an exercise program. To speed up your weight loss we need to consciously move. Walk when we can. instead of calling someone in the office walk to their desk. Instead of shouting to your spouse or kids walk to them. Be aware of your movements and increase your daily activity as much as possible.

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    One pound equals 3500 calories. If we are diligent in following these 7 tips and can reduce our calories by an additional one pound a week we will speed up our weight loss. These tips are not the weight loss program they are additional tips to help speed up our weight loss.

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You are the only one who can achieve your weight loss goals, however it makes a big difference if you have a support system to keep you motivated. Your chances of success increase if your friends and family don’t sabotage  your efforts. Keep these strategies for successful natural weight loss in mind as you continue on your weight loss program.

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