Something New

I have this very clever friend. I mean really clever. Too many years in school kinda clever.

Isabel De Los Rios, author of ‘The Diet Solution’.

I’ve known her for a few years now. And during that whole time she’s been doing this thing she calls “Weight Loss”.

She doesn’t follow and do what everyone else does. She’s never done that. She goes the opposite way. Goes against the grain. Approaches weight loss from outside of the box.

She helps people lose weight by identify a unique way of processing food that is unique to each person resulting in 10-15 lbs per month.

Many lose more weight than that. Some a little less. But that’s rare.

Once identified. The body starts to melt away fat without having to follow some rigid diet plan.

The object is to get the body to naturally lose weight rather then you having to force it too.

For example: once you identify how your body processes food, just making one change to what you eat can result in almost 2 lbs of fat loss overnight.

One of Isabela’s customers burned off 10% of his body fat in less then a month.

Another one has a body she only read about in magazines and lost 10 lbs in 1 week.

But these two examples are not typical. Hell … for most people, this won’t be achievable in a million years. But I’ve put these two examples here to show you what “is possible” for those people with an open mind and willing to try something new and fresh.

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