Self-Sabotage and Weight Loss:

Self-sabotage can feel like a fierce energy working against you when it comes to dieting & weight loss. When you’ve a strong desire to modify your habits in order to lose weight, you could find yourself taking measures that keep you caught in a negative cycle. There is a way to overcome self-sabotage  and be successful.

Follow these easy steps and keep yourself on track:

Prepare healthy meals & snacks in advance

You can be tempted to sabotage your diet by using the excuse “I have no time to eat healthy and exercise”.  Prepare healthy meals and snacks ahead of meal times, have meals that way you wont be able to use that line! Planning is key if you are going to make time for things you need to do to be successful in your diet and still have time for your other commitments.

Chop & peel vegetables and keep in the refrigerator. Have a big bowl of fresh fruit within reach. Have single servings of nuts and other healthy snacks. Make a healthy dinner and freeze individual portions for fast defrosting.

Always have a Pitcher cold water in the fridge

Buy a water filter a reusable water bottle in the fridge at all times. Make sure the bottle is filled and ready for when ever you leave the house and make sure you meet your daily water quota.

Prepare and put out  Workout clothes the night before

If you have difficult in getting going and motivated to workout first thing in the morning have the clothes you workout in ready along with any equipment you use, each night ready or when you wake. When you get up, all you need to concern yourself with is the exercise you need to do.

Banish Temptation

The most common way you can sabotage your diet is to get in a situation where the temptation is too much to resist. If you know you have a habit of over indulging on weekends while you are socializing, eat a small salad before you go out so you wont be as hungry. Temptation to snack is reduced when you feel fuller.

There are many quick tips like these that you can take to un-sabotage your diet and exercise habits. Give some thought to ways that you usually sabotaging yourself, & then come up with some useful strategies to keep you on track.

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