Obsessed with Food: What it means & how to change.

Everybody loves to eat, & it’s natural to enjoy eating – but what happens when you become literally obsessed with food, thinking about it constantly, making it very difficult for you to lose weight? Often there are emotional reasons behind the food obsession. You’re not very concerned about food – this is an expression a deeper emotional need made through food.

It may sound complicated, but it is actually very simple. Below are some common reasons why you may feel obsessed with food:

Obsessed with Food Reason number one – You feel lost

If you are dieting – & especially if your diet is very strict – you can simply feel deprived, something that makes you crave everything you’re not allowed to have. The more you try to limit food intake, the more obsessed you’re going to become! A good way to overcome this obsession is to create a new rule for yourself: You can eat whatever you want, but only small portions from time to time. This can not work if you choose to stick to a strict diet that leaves out certain food groups or only allows you to eat specific foods. In that case you may be able to concoct some replacement foods that are equally good (replacing the mashed cauliflower for mashed potatoes on a low carb diet).

Obsessed with food Cause number two – You are afraid to leave out your favorite foods

Fear of shortages can often create feelings of obsession with food, even if you aren’t hungry right this minute. The very thought that you mightn’t have enough to eat can make you feel panicky & tense. A good way to overcome this obsession is to keep reminding yourself that you’re not going to run out of food. You’ll still be able to eat 3 meals a day & maybe some snacks, so you don’t focus on food all the time.

Obsessed by food Cause number three – Food is a crutch

If you often use food as a crutch or emotional comfort, you might’ve a difficult time sticking to a diet. You can feel that you need food to help you get through the day & when you don’t eat you feel nervous, irritable & vulnerable. Food is almost like a shield for you, buffering you from the painful moments in life. If this rings true for you, develop some other clear tools that don’t involve food. For example, meditation, assertiveness training, deep breathing & stress management techniques. When you learn how to comfort & nurture yourself, you no longer feel the need to use food to do it & the food obsession will disappear.

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