My Solution To Lose Weight

Have you ever had one of those days where the so called “stars line up!”

When I got to work on the Monday there was a message to call a dietitian back to discuss a patients file.

We got to talking and I found out she had a very unique way of dealing with being overweight.

She called it finding “Your Right Metabolic Type”

She sent me some information and I took it as a sign to actually follow instructions this time and actually lose the weight.

The key for me was identifying which type of metabolism I had so that I could eat for the right type of system that my body used to lose weight.

It turns out I had a mixed metabolic type and some days was eating too much carbohydrates and other days eating too much protein.

I needed to make sure I balanced my meals everyday as it was more efficient for my body.

I also did some other stuff…. Being a doctor I did have an advantage as
I know where to look and what to do to lose weight, I just wasn’t respecting
that knowledge on my own body.

So here is what I did:

  1. I followed the dietitians protocols for metabolic typing then basing my meals off of my metabolic type.
  2. Because in the past I would do all the weight loss ideas at once, I was just setting myself up to fail, so I started writing everything down that I ate and did activity wise so I had better control over where I was going wrong.
  3. I started drinking 3 liters of water a day. Yes it was hard for the first couple weeks but after that it was a lot easier plus I wasn’t going to the washroom every 10 minutes.
  4. I started exercising 4 days a week and not just any old exercise I new based on the research that doing body based exercise was a lot more efficient as it worked on my strength as well as built my cardio as 4 sets of 10 push ups can really push your heart.

I was consistent, it was like a light bulb went off and I started following the
four things about daily.

The results? 2 years later I am 25 pounds lighter, and have kept the weight off.

I have more energy, feel a lot more confident in myself.

My desire and energy was so addictive that my husband ended up following the same plan about six months after I started and he is now 37 pounds lighter.

Ya, I know! BASTARD, I still haven’t been able to fully understand how guys can just lose that much weight, it seems it is easier for them.

I know the science shows that their metabolism is different, but I can still shake my head at him!

The best thing is we really found a groove in our relationship and we really
click now.

4 easy steps, that’s all it took. But really it just looks easier written down
on this website. It certainly was not easy, and the consistency of doing those
4 things I mentioned above was key.

About 6 months after I started my weight loss, the dietitian produced her plan as videos and pdfs so everyone can implement the plan at home. She calls it “The Diet Solution.

If you are desperate, and scared like I was. If you keep criticizing yourself
asking “What is wrong with me”.

If you eat when you are bored and or upset. If you feel like you have missed
out on something and just plain old feel disappointed.

STOP what you are doing and ask yourself when is enough just plain old enough.

Grab a copy of the Diet Solution.

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We all need support. It is hard to do this alone. In fact support is absolutely
mandatory to lose weight. Let me help you with that!

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