Low-Calorie Treats for Office parties

Work “do’s commonly consist of many fattening, calorie-rich goodies that can make it difficult to follow your diet. A good approach to this challenge is to bring your own low-calorie, healthy snacks for each party.

Here are some basic, quick and easy to prepare  treats to keep you on track:

Veggie Tray with Dip

A tray of sliced vegetables are easy, affordable & enjoyable as a nibble. Chop green & red peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, celery & other vegetables you enjoy & arrange them on a dish with a platter with dip in the middle.  You can use low fat cottage cheese, sour cream or yoghurt, you can even add dill, onion & garlic powder. Other good dips like salsa or hummus are great with raw vegetables you can also buy low-fat vegetable dips already made.

Fruit salad or fruit tray with dip

Fruit is at all times a big hit at parties & it’s good for you. Either cut up your favorite fruits into pieces & serve salad-style, or make up a fruit dish with a dip to go along with it. Good dips are low-fat cottage cheese with a little stevia mixed in to make it sweeter, applesauce or low-fat whipped cream.

Cold Cut Roll ups

Roll up the slices of low fat deli Turkey or chicken with slices of low fat cheese. Place a dish with mustard for dipping, this is a great low fat, yummy snack.

Low calorie muffins, cakes, or bread

There are loads great recipes for low-calorie baked goods you can make using alternative sweeteners, whole wheat flour & other wholesome ingredients. Try small bran muffins, diet cookies, or fruit bread as alternatives to high-calorie cakes & desserts.

Not only will these snacks help you stick to your healthy eating plan, but, some of your colleagues can also try to lose weight & will appreciate your efforts to incorporate healthier options.

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