Lose Weight In 4 Weeks

I am not going to tell you about eating raw foods such as cucumber, beets, carrots, etc. Don’t you feel like vomiting when you just think of eating vegetables in raw form? I am also not going to ask you to starve for weeks or months, because it simply doesn’t work; if anything, it makes you all the more fat! I know you are already tired of reading these useless weight loss tactics. In this article I will tell you about a quick weight loss shortcut that I bet you didn’t know about and will help you lose weight in 4 weeks!

Yes, I know you want to lose weight but don’t want to work hard for that! Hey, you don’t need to workout in the gym for four hours, jog, or lift dumbbells to achieve your weight loss goal! Neither do you need to spend money on expensive but useless exercise gadgets and videos! If you want to trim your waistline by three inches then here is how to do it:

First of all, take a long, deep breath, like you do when doing yoga. Then, suck your abdomen (the lower area of your belly) – suck as much as you can, for at least a couple of minutes! Then just release your breath and repeat the whole thing again!

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You may find it crazy, but lots of people have successfully trimmed their waistlines with the help of this method! Remember that the longer you suck, the faster you will get the slimmer waistline you want! You only need to spend just five minutes per day on this. Do this for three weeks and see the results!

Of course, if you are in a tearing hurry to trim your waistline, maybe because you got to attend a friend’s birthday party, or that you are getting married soon, then you should do this for at twenty minutes per day!

Yeah I know that for busy people like you, sparing even twenty minutes seem to be impossible. But the beauty of this ‘exercise’ is that unlike the conventional weight loss workouts where you have to spend hours in a gym, you can do it in the comfort of your home, even while watching your favorite movie or listening to your favorite radio station!

Now there is no excuse for not getting slim! This little known weight loss method is used by very few people, because most are focused on following fad diets, crash dieting, etc. If you follow my method, you don’t have to do any of that stuff, and you will still be able to acquire the size zero figure you covet so much!

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