How to Stick To Your Diet-5 Easy Tips

1.  The first thing you need to do is write down your goals.  It’s been proven that people who write down their goals and read them each morning and evening are more likely to accomplish their goals than people who don’t write them down.

A lot of experts say it also helps to be specific and give a deadline, such as “I want to lose 30 pounds within the next six months.” Make it realistic.

After stating your goal, write down the action steps you will take to reach the goal.  When you accomplish something on your action list, or reach a mini-goal, reward yourself with something you enjoy – but not with food!

2.  Take responsibility for your decision.  Tell your family or friends what you are doing.  If you tell others, you are more likely to stick with it, and they can be a good source of support if you feel yourself wavering! Give your best friend a call and just chat for several minutes.  The craving will surely pass by the time you get off the phone.

3.  Before you start your new eating regime, make sure you have all the foods on hand that you need!  There’s nothing worse than having the resolve to eat healthier but when you go into the kitchen to find something to eat, all that’s there is junk food!  Get rid of the junk food, as much as possible, and replace it with tasty, healthy foods that you can enjoy when hunger strikes.

4.  Write out your meal plans each night for the next day.  That way you won’t get up, hungry, and just stare into the refrigerator trying to decide what to eat.  Or worse, grab the first thing you see!  Tape your list to the refrigerator and follow what it says.  A no-brainer!

5.  If you “fall off your diet” that doesn’t mean you’ve failed.  And that also doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want for the rest of the day!  You are human, after all.  If you eat something that’s not on your diet, or you overeat, don’t beat yourself up over it.  Just adjust your eating the rest of the day, or the next day, to make up for it!  It’s that simple!

If you follow these simple guidelines, it will make it much easier to stay on your eating plan, and end up with a slimmer, healthier body.

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