How to Overcome Weight Loss Problems

Losing weight should be a no-brainer – just eat less, exercise, weight comes off, Right? If only it were always that simple! There are several common weight loss issues that can derail even the most dedicated dieter. 

Prepare & plan – you’ll be far more likely to succeed where others have failed: 

Weight Loss Problem number one – Weak willpower: 

Temptation lurks around every corner, if you don’t have the strength to say “no thanks” to fattening foods, you’ll not get very far with your weight loss goals. Strengthening willpower is as simple as taking back your power – the power you gave to food.

When you say, “I have no willpower” what you really mean is “I don’t feel strong enough to resist temptation.” 

A good way to overcome this problem is to continue to work to strengthen your will power. Sometimes you’ll fail, especially when you first start working on it. But over time it’ll become easier & easier to say “no thanks” or even have a little taste without overindulging.

 Weight Loss Problem number two – bland food plan

 A dull food plan is a sure recipe for diet failure. Traditional “diet food” is usually very mild, which just makes you want to rush back to the better taste, more fattening foods that got you into trouble in the first place. Fortunately, this weight loss problem is a very simple solution: Get yourself some great low calorie cookbooks & begin to try some delicious new recipes every week. Not just the main dishes, snacks, appetizers, desserts, soups & stews, casseroles, salads, even bread, muffins, smoothies & more. Keep your snacks & meals interesting & tasty and achieve your weight loss goals – simple!

 Weight Loss Problem number three – No Motivation 

There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to lose weight, but the feeling that you just can not muster the motivation to do so. The best ways to get motivated is to get excited. Think about it, the more excited you are, the more naturally motivated you are, right? So take some time to get excited about losing weight. What’ll you do to lose weight? What is so great about being thinner? Stay with this idea in a few minuets & you will probably start to feel a little spark of enthusiasm. Stay focused & your enthusiasm will blossom into full-blown motivation.

 Weight Loss Problem number four – the dreaded Plateau

 Anyone who has dieted before will have probably encountered the dreaded plateau – a frustrating period when weight loss stops & you can not seem to get it started again, sometimes for weeks at a time. Almost always when you reached a plateau, it means that your current caloric intake & activity level is no longer sufficient enough for the weight loss going. To overcome the plateau, you will need to change something: Either reduce your calories even further (or sometimes increase them if you don’t eat enough), bump up the intensity of your workout, drink more water or take other measures that’ll help you burn more calories.

 No matter what kind of weight problems you encounter on your journey, the important thing is to not panic & think that it means you’re doomed to failure. Keep your head cool & logical, approach with confidence, & before long you will see those numbers on the scale go down again.

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