How to Look Slim before losing weight

Many people want to know how get a slim look before losing weight,  it’s absolutely possible – there are a lot of small tricks you can use while dieting, so you seem to be slimming down before you even lose one pound.

Try the slimming 5 strategies below:

How to look slim Strategy number one – Get rid of excess water.


How to Look Slim Strategy number two – Wear clothing that fits.

People who need to lose weight often make the mistake of wearing very loose, baggy clothing, which only makes them look bigger. Choose clothes that actually fit you well – not too tight, not too loose. Also be sure that they aren’t too revealing – especially if it highlights some areas where you need to lose weight, such as upper arms, abdomen & buttocks.

How to Look Slim Strategy number three – Eat more fiber.

Constipation can easily make your belly look and feel bloated. Make sure to eat plenty of fibre to keep things moving and you’ll notice that your stomach looks less full.

How to Look Slim Strategy number four – Solid colors.

Solid colour clothing can often have a slimming appearance compared to busy patterns or stripes. If you choose to wear patterned clothing, turn the item into an accessory like a scarf or a belt. Vertical stripes may also have a slimming effect, but thin stripes are often better than the wide stripes.

How to look slim Strategy number five – Choose the right cut.

The style of the clothes also have a big impact on how large or small you look. Pants that are flared at the bottom can make you look slimmer on top. Tailored, pleated jackets, tops & dresses can help define your waistline, especially if you carry extra weight in your stomach.

Of course, the best strategy to look slim to actually get slim by losing weight. But in the meantime, these little tricks and tips will help to make you feel slimmer, as you shed pounds.

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