How to drink more water for Weight Loss

How to drink more water to increase your weight loss is a challenge that many dieters face. Some people don’t like the taste of water, some are too busy to drink lots of water, & others just don’t see the importance of drinking water so they don’t make it a priority.

When it comes to weight loss, water is important. This helps flush toxins from your body releases excess water is retained & allows your metabolism to function effectively.

Here are some fun, simple tips on how to drink more water & increase your weight loss:

How to drink more water – Dilute!

If you drink fruit juices or other drinks other than water? Try to dilute them with water. You can work up to it gradually if you’ll – start by adding to three   four juice & one   four water. Keep adding more water over time, until you’re drinking 75% water & 25% juice, or even mostly water with just a splash of juice for flavor.

How to drink more water – Combine!

Combine your water to drink with other activities. Every time you visit the toilet, drink an eight ounce glass of water before or after. Do the same thing before every meal & after every meal. Before you go to bed or before you brush your teeth. You can even make it fun & use the water to overcome other bad habits – like drinking a little water every time you curse the day.

How to drink more water – Munch!

Eat a lot of watery vegetables & fruit. Here are some with high water: Watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes.

How to drink more water – Sip

Carry a water bottle with you everywhere. Sip some, while sitting at traffic lights before you go into a store when you come out while you work all day – just keep sipping & you can drink a lot of water in a day.

How to drink more water – Schedule

In additions to sipping throughout the day, you can plan 8 periods where you drink a large amount of water at once. For example, when you first wake up, with breakfast, mid-morning, with lunch, mid afternoon, with dinner, an hour after dinner, & just before bedtime.

Drinking more water isn’t really difficult – the hardest thing is to overcome the habit of not drinking enough. Just keep it at the forefront of your mind & squeeze it in but you can.

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