How to Detect SCAM Weight Loss Products

US Dieters spend about $50 billion dollars annually on diet scams and programs to help them lose weight.  A majority of them gain back any weight they’ve lost, and more.  We are lazy.  We want a quick, painless, effortless fix to an age old problem, and there isn’t one.

To lose one pound (about 1/2 kilo) each week, you need to eat 3,500 calories less than you  need.  If a weight loss product doesn’t advocate eating less and exercising more, then it’s most likely a scam.  No “product” can make you lose weight by itself.

Here are some weight loss scams to watch out for:

**Weight Loss Miracle:  Lose up to 50 pounds in 8 weeks!**

According to an FTC Staff Analysis, it is extremely dangerous to lose more than three pounds per week without being supervised by a healthcare professional.  The side effects can include gall stones and, if the “diet” is part of an extremely low-calorie program, it can even lead to serious health problems or death. The most weight you can safely lose each week is about 2 pounds.

**Revolutionary Diet Plan:  Eat Cookies, Lose Weight – it’s that simple**

Diets based on “one food” can cause an extreme nutritional imbalance and lead to health risks, they are boring and, even if you lose a few pounds, you will gain them back when you start to eat “normal” again.

**Alli:  Weight Loss Wonder!**

Well, Alli is what I would call a semi-scam.  Alli blocks an enzyme that helps you absorb fat.  So you absorb about 25% less fat when you take Alli three times a day.  The problem is that the fat is flushed out of your system when you have a bowel movement and some of the side effects include:  flatulence, with oily spotting of your underwear; loose and more frequent bowel movements; and bowel movements that are hard to control.  I don’t see anything “wonderful” about this product, do you?

**Lose that fat without dieting or exercising**

According to the FTC, if you buy a product like this the only thing you lose is your money.  It’s impossible to lose weight without eating fewer calories than you burn each day and exercise is an integral part of burning calories.

**Eat all your favorite foods, and still lose weight!**

So, you’re going to lose weight if you eat at McDonald’s every day for lunch, eat donuts for breakfast, and pizza and beer for dinner?  I don’t think so.

Eat healthy, eat less than you burn each day, and exercise.  That, and patience, will bring you success in your weight loss efforts.

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