How to Avoid stress related slip-ups when trying to lose weight

Stress & losing weight doesn’t go well together. The more harassed you are, the more you wll struggle to lose weight. Why’s this? When you feel stressed or threatened, your body releases a bombardment of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is effective in hazardous situations as it prepares your body for “fight or flight ‘. You become more alert, your muscles tense, your pain sensitivity drops to get you get ready to fight for your life or run like crazy! In a genuinely dangerous situation, this could save your life.

Most of us don’t find our selves in any actual life-threatening danger every day. Rather, we function under a chronic, persistent, low-level state of stress & anxiety. Our bodies don’t know the difference, so they keep pumping out as cortisol – which contributes to the formation of fat cells, expressly in the abdomen.

Key to overcoming this challenge is to efficiently manage stress.

Strategies you can try:

Calming Stress for weight loss – Tip number 1

Learn to detach emotionally.

Have you noticed that you seldom get stressed about things that don’t directly affect you? Sure, you may possibly feel worried or concern about something that happens to others, but this does not cause you stress. This is  because you’re not emotionally connected to what happens to other people. When something directly affects you is much easier to feel stressed out on that.

Overcome this is by understanding how to emotionally dissociate & step back from things that by and large make you feel stressed. Try this: When you begin to feel stressed about something, try to put your emotions to one side briefly & look at the situation objectively. Envision taking a mental step back from the fierceness of the situation. This takes practice, but after a while you can totally be in charge of the ability to stay cool & calm, no matter what is going on around you.

Soothing Stress to lose weight – Tip number 2

Keep your stomach happy.

If you have ever felt genuinely stressed & really hungry, you know how taxing & overpowering it can be. Coping with stress is much easier if you feel at ease & physically well, so be sure to keep eating frequently throughout the day. Pick healthy foods like raw vegetables, lean protein, fruits & nuts & seeds, drink plenty of water & you’ll see that you deal with stress much better.

Soothing Stress to Losing Weight – Tip number 3

Refuse to worry about things that are beyond your control.

Have you ever found yourself distressing about something you can not control? This is a certain recipe for major stress, right? Don’t do it to yourself! If you can not do anything to alter the circumstance, mentally let it go. You will have to keep pushing it out of your head repeatedly at first, but if you’re persistent, in due course you’ll feel your stress drop when you stop focusing on the issues & problems that plague you.

Stress & weight loss don’t cancel each other out – if you just take the time to manage your stress in a healthy manner, it’s quite possible to lose weight & keep it off.

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