How EFT or “Tapping” Leads to Natural Weight Loss Success

How EFT or "Tapping" leads to natural weight loss success.

More people are learning how EFT or “Tapping” leads to natural weight loss success. The Emotional Freedom Technique has been used by millions of people to change bad habits and negative ways of thinking that are not productive. It’s a simple, painless and effective way to open new channels in the brain which allow for new ways of thinking. The article by Kimberley Willis published in the Independent Woman introduces the concept of EFT and why it is important to change your thoughts if you want natural weight loss success.

How EFT or Tapping Leads to Natural Weight Loss Success

We all know you have to eat less and exercise more to lose weight, so why do so few succeed? Kimberley Willis explains why a slim, healthy body is all in the mind

Weight loss is a complicated business. There are, of course, people who have never had a weight problem who can’t imagine any difficulty with food and helpfully say: “Why don’t you eat less and exercise more?”

Yes, that is what needs to be done. It’s so easy to say, less easy to do.

I am a therapist and my job is helping people overcome whatever it is that is keeping them overweight, using a number of techniques including hypnosis and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping).

I am usually a dieter’s last resort.

When people come to see me for help with weight loss, they do so because they have tried everything else. They think, ‘Sure, what have I got to lose?’

It’s great to start off with such low expectations!

But I know that I can help them to feel more confident, teach them how to overcome cravings, deal with past issues and feel motivated to exercise more and to become slimmer and healthier.

I listen to people’s stories and help them to identify what is really stopping them from breaking the chains attaching them to that excess weight.

Part of my drive to help people comes from the fact that I lost a close relative to the effects of long-term obesity and it’s something that I want to help prevent happening to other people.

The reality is that people know what they need to do — they just need the help and support to do it.

I don’t include a diet plan in my book because what might suit one person won’t suit another, so I leave people to choose the way they want to proceed with their diet.

It might be a plan or just healthy eating. Whatever they choose, I want them to be able to make positive changes that will last a lifetime and not walk a diet tightrope which they will fall off, leaving them feeling as if they have failed.

So much of dieting is negative, but it doesn’t have to be. You can feel positive and still lose weight; your weight-loss journey should be a positive path, not one full of guilt and feelings of failure. One of my clients recently said that it was so strange to be feeling happy and positive and still lose weight.

If you are feeling positive, you are more likely to achieve and maintain your goal.

Everything we are and everything that happens can be traced back to the way we think. Our thoughts create our reality and if the thoughts are negative so will the reality that you create for yourself. You can turn things around with this simple technique. You have much more power than you think you do, learn how to use it by learning how EFT or “Tapping” leads to natural weight loss success. 

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