Have you stopped losing weight & don’t know why?

Almost all dieters at some point cry out in panic, “I have stopped losing weight & I don’t know why!” “It’s no fun when the numbers on the scale stops moving – in particular if you have been sticking to your weight loss plan & it worked acceptably for you so far.

There are lots of feasible reasons why you stopped losing weight, but below are some common rules.

1 – Stress

Stress can do funny things to our bodies, one is messing with weight loss. If you’ve stopped losing weight, consider how much pressure you are under during the day. Do you have a stressful job? Are you working through family issues? If you think stress may be the culprit, do whatever you can to better manage your stress. Practise meditation & deep breathing, take more time to do things you love & letting go of things you can not control. If you are calmer, you’ll probably lose weight normal progress.

2 – “Diet” Food

Do you eat lots of packaged “diet” food? What about weight loss shakes? Sometimes these things do more harm than good, especially if you consume a lot of them. Cut these things out for a few days & see if you start losing weight again.

3 – Not drinking enough water

If you’ve stopped losing weight, instantly calculate how much water you’ve drunk every day. If there are less than sixty-four grams, you might want to start drinking more. When you don’t drink enough water, your body will retain water, which shows up on the scale. Drink plenty of water every day, & the numbers on the scale start moving quickly again.

4 – Eating the large servings

Do you weigh or measure portions for meals & snacks? If not, you should. Most people eat larger portions than they actually need, which of course results in more calories than they need. Here are the serving sizes you should stick to: One two cup fruit, one   two cup of vegetables (or 1 cup of leafy vegetables), two to three grammes of meat (or one cup cooked beans), one   two cup of grains such as rice, pasta, cereal (or one slice whole wheat bread), one cup of dairy products like milk or yoghourt (or 1 ounce of cheese). If you’re larger portions than this, start measuring everything you eat, & you’ll see that your calorie intake down to where it should be.

5 – recently lost a lot of weight.

If you’ve stopped losing weight suddenly, consider whether you’ve recently been losing a large amount of weight. This is common for your body to take a little break for a few days or even 1 week just after a great deal of weight is lost quickly. This isn’t something to be concerned about, just continue with your healthy diet & exercise plan, & more weight will come off.

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