Getting Motivated to Lose Weight with a Visual Symbol

Staying motivated to lose weight can be challenging because of the unhealthy habits you may have developed over time. Habits such as eating too much of the wrong foods, drinking soda with excessive calories,  and limited physical exercise . Generally, you do not make a clear, conscious decision to do these things, they just become part of your daily life, they become a habit. Breaking this cycle and switching to a new, healthy lifestyle can be a real challenge, even if you desperately want to change your habits and lose weight.

Creating a visual symbol that will remind you that you no longer want to keep repeating the same destructive steps is a useful technique to interrupt your automatic habits.

Here are some great tips for the visual symbols that can help you on your way:

1 – Buy an item of clothing in the size you want to wear.

A nice pair of jeans, a swimsuit or a little black dress hang up in a place you will see it when you first wake up in the morning and again before going to sleep at night, is a very effective way of keeing your targets in mind. Remind your self that with your hard work and change or life style, you will be wearing this smaller sized item before too long.

2 – A picture of a slimmer you.

If you have any pictures of yourself when you were a smaller size pull them out, look at yourself in the photo. How did you feel to be that thin, to wear a smaller size, to feel good about your body. Remind yourself of how you felt, feel the drive to become the slimmer you.

If you do not have any pictures of a slimmer you, cut out a picture from a magazine and attach it over your body in the photo. Though you know it’s not a true reflection of your body, you can still pretend, and let the image that motivate you.

3 -A motivational poster.

Write or print out a poster or sign with reminders that will keep you on track. For example:

-” No food is worth feeling bad about myself. ” ‘
– “I’m worth the effort to lose weight.” ‘
– “I deserve to be slim, healthy and happy.” ”
– “Change requires sacrifice, and I’m willing to do it!” ”
– “I can cope with any challenge to reach my goal.” ”

Select statements or questions that mean something to you and pin them on walls doors or even your fridge. You can also create a mini-version to carry with you and read it when you need some extra encouragement.

Whatever technique you use, remember that the real motivation comes from an inner desire to achieve a goal, whatever it takes. Any thing you can do to keep your self motivated will be worth at the end

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