Get That Perfect Bikini Body by Summer

You may be caught in the middle of a cold winter, wrapped up in layers of clothes and drinking hot chocolate by the fire, but it’s now that you need to start thinking about how to get your bikini body ready for the summer. It isn’t just about losing a few pounds – you want your body slim & trim as possible. Don’t just wear a bikini, but look great in it.

Here are 5 easy to follow tips to get the perfect bikini body for summer

Eat pure

“Junk food” is packed with calories, fat, sugar & sodium, these all have a very negative effects on your body, inside & out. This kind of food gives a little energy for the body, it promotes water retention, it creates a hormonal & chemical imbalances in the body, it raises your blood sugar levels & slows down your metabolism, & poor nutrition. Although this processed food does fill you up initially this feeling does not last long so you will find the need to eat more to satisfy your hunger .

To get a bikini body, you’ve to eat “clean” foods – such as: Natural, wholesome, unprocessed foods – as much as possible. Vegetables, fruit, lean meat or protein alternatives (beans, tofu), & healthy fats from sources such as fish, olive oil, & avocado’s. Get into the habit of questioning where your food comes from, has it been grown naturally or has it been processed so it no longer resembles its natural form? Is it bleached, fried, smothered in a think sauce, If yes, skip it & eat some real food.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water significantly aids weight loss, more importantly drinking water also gives your body what to do their work – including your kidneys, as they flush out toxins & excess glucose, your liver as it metabolizes steadily stored fat. Make a real effort to drink at least the minimum recommended amount of water: Sixty-four ounces. However, if you live in a warm climate, are significantly overweight, or if you work out a lot, you can safely increase this amount.

Cardio Workouts

To get that perfect bikini body by Summer, you need to do cardiovascular exercise a daily commitment. Cardio workouts increase your metabolism so you burn more calories & fat. You don’t have to dive into the hour-long workout sessions – thirty minuets a day to start with gradually increase¬† in time and intensity. Good cardio workouts can include brisk walking¬† jogging, aerobics, swimming, cycling, spinning, in fact any kind of robust activity to get your heart & lungs working harder.

Weight Lifting

If you want to get a bikini body, you need to tone all areas of your body that’ll be on display (which is pretty much everything, right?) Resistance training is an excellent way to tone your muscles so you get the lean, sexy physique. Exactly how to tone your body requires more explanation than can fit into 1 article, but for starters check out some great DVDs or become a gym near you that has weight machines. Resistance training twice a week for several weeks can reshape & tone your body.


Whatever, don’t allow yourself to relax just because summer is months away. Keep reminding yourself that you’ve to do what you can to get a bikini body now. Take pick of yourself wearing a bikini now, & hang them up where you see them every day. Even hang up pics of bikini models who look like you want to see & be inspired by them. Every single day, re-new your commitment to a new lifestyle & a slim, sexy, new you, that looks good in a bikini or anything else you want to wear.

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