Firm and Flatten Your Abs – by David Grisaffi

Firm and Flatten Your Abs Review

There are numerous books and manuals that try to teach you how to get “six-pack abs.” Some are good, some are not so good, and others are loaded with misinformation. David Grisaffi’s “Firm and Flatten Your Abs” offers you time-tested information that can honestly help you get flat abs.

Here are some facts about David Grisaffi:

* He has been a sports enthusiast all his life. He participated in many sports and excelled in wrestling.

* Majored in physical education in college.

* Head Wrestling Coach at Bellarmine Preparatory High School where he also taught strength training for two years.

* Became a Certified Trainer after taking the ISSA Personal Training Certification Program.

* Took the Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiologist Certification Program at the CHEK Institute in Southern California and is a Level II Practitioner.

* Certified by CHEK Institute as a Golf Biomechanic.

* Attended first CHEK Institute Nutrition and Lifestyle Program and is currently a Level II as a Lifestyle/Nutrition Coach.

* Certified by Ori Hofmekler, who wrote ‘The Warrior Diet’, as a Level II Practitioner for Controlled Fatigue Training and Fat Loss.

* Grisaffi has worked with: Greg Haugen – four-time World Boxing Champion; Brian Halquist of Halquist Production; heavyweight Joe Hipp; Kenny Ellis, Middleweight Champion; Chad VanSikel, cruiserweight 18-1-2; and former amateur stand out and Boxing Champion Walter Wright, among others.

His book, “Firm and Flatten Your Abs”, which sells for $39.95, is a straight-forward program that doesn’t require sit-ups or expensive machines to improve your form, function, and fitness.

Here are some of the features of this ebook:

* Precision Muscle Testing & Evaluation

* Safe and Personalized Exercise Programs

* Targeted Exercises For Every Muscle In Your Core

* 44 Exercises, With Hundreds of Possible Variations

* 7 Levels of Workouts From Rank Beginner to Elite Athlete

* Strengthen And Injury-Proof Your Lower Back

* The Secret of Individualized Progression and scientific exercise sequencing

* Nutrition Secrets For Maximum Fat Loss And a Slim Waistline

Can you benefit from this book? If you are in one of these categories, and you really apply yourself, you will see good results:

* You have pain in your lower back

* You need to lose weight

* You have belly fat

* You suffer from cellulite or fatty deposits

* You’ve had surgery for a hernia or caesarean Section

* You’re planning on getting pregnant, are pregnant now, or just had a baby

* You’re starting at the beginning – completely out-of-shape

* You’re a successful athlete

* You’re into bodybuilding, modeling, or fitness-figure competitions

* You golf

Here are the Bonuses you’ll receive when you order the ebook:

* “Eliminate Lower Back Pain”

* “David Grisaffi’s Walking Guide”

* “Modern Diet Secrets Revealed”

* “Yoga Stress Relievers”

* “Stretching and Flexibility Success Secrets”

This ebook comes with a 60-day 100% unconditional money back guarantee.

“Firm and Flatten Your Abs” is a PDF ebook you can install on your PC and read at your leisure. You can also print it out, put it in a binder, get it bound, tote it to your fitness club, or view it on a hand-held machine.

Conclusion: While Grisaffi doesn’t go into detail about the importance of total body strength training – a key for obtaining flat abs – if you follow the 7 levels of Ab Training and the nutrition guidelines in the manual, you will get good results.

If you add three days of high-intensity interval training and strength training to your routine you can potentially get results a lot faster.

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