Fatigue & weight loss: Are you working to hard?

Fatigue & weight loss is a familiar complaint that lots of people suffer from when they begin a diet & suddenly find themselves yawning all day – eating healthier should give you more energy? Yes, but occasionally you can be doing things that take energy into without knowing it. Take a look at the common causes of fatigue, weight loss & see if any of them can cause your fatigue.

Are you consuming enough calories?

You can be overzealous in your attempts to lose weight, reducing calories too much. You certainly don’t want to starve yourself, because you will only slow down your metabolism which leads to you feeling low on energy. Your body simply isn’t enough fuel to keep going, so you will struggle with feelings of fatigue & cloudy thinking. Instead make it your mission to eat as much food as possible – but choose low-calorie foods. Load’s of vegetables, fruit, water, lean protein, healthy fats. If you choose these types of foods than you should’ve no trouble keeping your calories in line but you’ll also provide your body with plenty of fuel to fire up the metabolism & gives you the energy you need to get through each day

Are you eating enough protein?

Protein provides energy to get through the day. That helps you to build & repair healthy muscle tissue, which makes you physically stronger so you’ve more stamina. Include one serving of protein in each meal  & choose lean protein than fat protein. Eat lean chicken & turkey, beans & lentils, tofu, low fat dairy products, nuts & seeds, fish & shellfish. Protein keeps you feeling full longer than carbohydrates, & provides a wealth of energy to the small amount you need to  eat to feel satisfied.
Are you eating enough fat.

We have received the message that “fat is bad”, but nothing could be further from the truth! Our bodies need fat for energy, to help us feel satisfied & content, to help us absorb certain vitamins & minerals, to help our skin & hair feel & look healthier, & more. The key is to eat fats that are good for you & avoid those that contribute to heart disease. Good sources of fat are fish such as salmon & mackerel, nuts & seeds, avocados & olive oil.

Are you drinking enough water.

Our bodies need water even more than they need fat. If you don’t drink enough water, you get your body to go into a sort of “survival mode”. It tries to conserve as much water as possible to protect vital body functions, & you end up feeling sluggish & tired. When you drink plenty of water, everything in your body just works better. Your thoughts are clearer, your organs function better, your joints feel better, your muscles become stronger – & yes, you’ve much more energy.

Are you training too much.

Exercise is good, but like anything else, you ca overwork yourself. This is especially true if you’re out of shape & you have just started training. Don’t push too hard! Aim for thirty min of exercise daily, or even less if it is too hard. (Be sure to check with your doctor first.) It might even be useful if you break your workout into three or four shorter workouts. As soon as you get stronger, you can definitely increase the length & intensity of your workouts, & it shouldn’t lead to fatigue.

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