Fat Burning Furnace Review- Can You Lose Weight With Fat Burning Furnace

TheDoctorIsThin Fat Burning Furnace Review

Can You Lose Weight Using The Fat Burning Furnace?

Dieting is a complicated subject. Even professional nutritionists disagree over the best way to do it. Some suggest you cut carbs; others suggest you cut the fat; and some suggest that you count calories. But with all of these seemingly contradictory claims, who can you really trust?

Is it simply the case that no one knows? Or is really the case that big corporations know exactly how you can lose weight, but simply don’t want to tell you because they think you’ll lose weight and stop buying their products? Or is there some other third reason?

If you look at most products being sold by small, Internet-based businesses, they’ll tell you that the companies know, but don’t want to tell you. But, as you can probably see immediately, this is exactly what they would want you to think. After all, they’re selling a product, too.

Not surprisingly, the author of The Fat Burning Furnace, Rob Poulos, takes the same tone. He claims that big corporations won’t let you know the truth, but he will. He claims that his system will allow you to pare away all of the complexities related to exercise and nutrition, so that you can get in shape quickly and without having to rely on questionable, outmoded techniques.

In particular, The Fat Burning Furnace makes a set of five claims, which turn out to be the pillars of the program. The first of these pillars is that you need to lose fat, not weight (hence, the product’s name). Poulos claims that many diets put an emphasis on weight loss, rather than fat loss – and argues that this ultimately only leads you to burn water weight and become dehydrated.

Next, Poulos pans low carb diets. He claims that they rob your body of energy; and can do nothing other than slow down weight loss in the long run. He also claims that celebrity-endorsed, boxed-food diets-while they might work-are generally expensive and highly inefficient (i.e. they might help you lose a little weight, but for a large cost and over a long period of time).

Additionally, Poulos makes two very controversial claims. First, he argues that long cardio routines do almost nothing to burn fat. And then claims that he can show you how to burn more fat in 45 minutes each week than you could burn from all of your long, cardio routines combined.

Finally, Poulos rules out restrictive dieting as an option. He claims that severely cutting calories simply doesn’t work; and, in fact, can be very harmful to your body in the long run.

So what does that leave you with for options? It leaves you with Poulos’s Fat Burning Furnace Diet. And if you believe his claims, it helped him to lose 42 pounds and his wife to lose 60 pounds.

Of course, not all buyers have been completely satisfied by Poulos’s claims. While his product generally receives positive reviews online, some have pointed out that the product actually focuses on exercises and don’t provide very many guidelines on dieting, as the salespage appears to claim.

Those who enjoyed the product generally found the exercise routines to be helpful. As they were normally used to doing long cardio workouts, the switch to 20 minute, no-warm up sessions provided helpful and sustainable in the long run.

So, with all of this said, you’re probably wonder what to do next: should you buy the product or not? Well, if you’re looking for a powerful dieting guide, this may not be the place to go. However, if you want to make your exercise routines highly inefficient, this may be one of your better options.

Having said all of that, if you do buy through the link below, I will send you a copy of “Get Thin For Life” to help you with the eating portion of your weight loss.

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