Fasting for Weight Loss & Wellness

Fasting is a common method used to promote weight loss & wellness, but many have the wrong idea about it, especially when used for weight loss.

¬†Fasting isn’t the same as starving yourself in order to limit calories. This isn’t about punishing yourself.

First, think of fasting as a sort of “reset” button for your body.

If you’re carrying extra pounds on your body, you probably have some bad habits that caused them pounds to accumulate. Maybe you eat much junk food, get little exercise & don’t take good care of your body. Maybe you are eating too large portions of food, drinking too much alcohol & eating too much candy. Maybe all of the above.

Fasting is a great way to let go of these bad habits & move to be healthier.

Fasting can be challenging, especially if you have never done it before. There are a few different types of fasting & some of them are easier for beginners. You may know the most common form of Fasting: Water fasting. With water fasting no solid food is eaten & only water is ingested for a period of one to thirty days. This is the most challenging form of fasting, but there are simpler methods, such as juice fasting & partial fasting.

Juice fasting involves drinking several servings of fresh fruit & vegetable juice each day (the kind you juice yourself, not bottled juice),  partial fasting means to abstain only from certain foods or fasting for only a portion of each day (e.g drink fruit & vegetable juices for breakfast & lunch & eat a small, healthy dinner).

Most beginners are better off to start with a more gentle form of fasting, which partially fixed or juice fasting, & gradually work up to more intense fasting if they wish.

After fasting for 1 or more days, a gentle, gradual transition back to eating solid food is carried out – but this time the solids would be very different from those normally eaten. Instead of going back to eating unhealthy foods, the emphasis is on healthy, natural foods. This will continue weight loss & better health.

Note that it’s not necessary (or wise) to fast until all the excess weight is lost. If you’ve five or ten pounds to lose, you can lose this through fasting. But if you need to lose twenty pounds or more, it’s unlikely that you’ll those all those pounds during a fast.

Please note that fasting isn’t safe for everyone. Be sure to consult your doctor about your desire to fast, especially if you’re taking medication or treatment for a disease or condition. Many qualified doctors encourage fasting and will guide thorugh the best way to fast.

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