Excuses that keep you from losing weight

Overcoming these excuses is as easy. Excuses always “seem” to be reasonable at first glance, but when you start to take them apart to realise how weak they are.

Let’s look at some common excuses:

“It’s too hard”

Is losing weight is really all that difficult? Sure, some effort is required, but efforts are needed to keep the fat as well. You still have to prepare & eat food, you just prepare & eat food that’s better for you. Training is necessary, so that doesn’t qualify to be hard – at least in the beginning. But when you think about how “hard” it’s like to feel bloated, fat & tired all the time, exercising for thirty minuets & feeling better the rest of the time isn’t a bad compromise.

” I don’t have time “  

used this excuse & it is a little funny when you think about it. We all have twenty-four hours in a day. We all have busy lives. But some people find time to take good care of themselves, while others don’t. If you use this excuse, what you’re saying, “I don’t consider healthy eating & exercise a priority” ” I want my time sitting on the couch, watching TV & eating take-out fattening food ” “

“It would take too long”

This excuse is often used by people who have a lot of weight to lose. A loss of 1-2 pounds per week, makes you feel like there is such a long way to go if you’ve thirty, fifty or one hundred pounds to lose. You don’t want to wait months & months to your goal – you want to get it now! But to simply refuse to start because it’ll take time to reach your goal? Does it really make sense? Project your thoughts into the future for a moment & ask yourself 1 year from now, do you still have the same weight as you do now, or would you’ve reached your weight loss goals? If you can get started right away, would you will be glad you did several months from now? Although it seems that losing weight will take too long, get started & every day that time interval will shorten a bit more.

“It’s too expensive”

Eating healthy & exercising can seem like they’re expensive because at first glance, the prices of fresh vegetables, fruits & other food seems higher than the cheap junk food. But when you really think about living an unhealthy lifestyle & how much money you spend on it, you will quickly realise that dieting can actually save you money. Yes, you’ll spend more on healthy eating, but you can not buy a bunch of sodas, sweet breakfast cereals, chips, cookies, candy & yuo will save by avoiding trips to the drive-thru of your local burger place.

“My family don’t want to diet”

Diets can be difficult if the rest of in family still eats regular meals. You can also eat healthier meals, but you doubt they’re willing to do it, so.. Prepare your own healthy food & still prepare some of the family’s favorites – but also try some new recipes that are nutritious & delicious. Eat your own low-calorie food, but if you feel very deprived of not eating family favorites, have only a small spoon. Over time you can keep trying healthier recipes & gradually get your family to eat better. Hint: They probably won’t care about what’s healthy or not, they just want it to taste good!

See how easy these excuses can be overcome? There’s really nothing holding you back from reaching your goal weight – except your own mind. Toss the excuses aside & get on the road to a healthy life style , lucky you.

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