Emotionally Eating the sensible way

If you ever apply the term “emotional eating” you will almost certainly consider the act of eating comfort foods to appease discontented emotions. This is absolutely the most frequent form of emotional eating, &  is certainly  a phenomenally damaging practice both mentally & physically.

Nevertheless, there are ways to combat emotional eating, ways that can even assist you in your efforts to losing weight.

Firstly contemplate what makes you reach for food when you eat emotionally. A desire to be comforted, right? What if you could be comforted by healthy food as effortlessly without needing fattening and calorific foods.

For example, have you ever enjoyed a mug of hot vegetable broth when you feel chilly or unwell? Have you ever eaten a piece of juicy fruit on a hot day and felt refreshed with each bite?

Using healthy food to comfort you is to contemplate what you really could do with emotionally at any time. What do you want? Something somewhat spicy? Sweet? Hearty? Savory? How do you feel when you eat? Satisfied and Fulfille? Choose healthy foods that’ll help you accomplish these positive goals.

While you eat, be sure to really get involved with the food. Change the approach you take when you eat, really feel as you eat. Savor every bite, & be aware of the taste. Pay attention to the feeling of the food entering your stomach and the alleviation of your hunger.

Surprisingly, you’ll find that you can be so easily satisfied by a nutritious meal as you can by more fattening fare.

Two crucial key points:

One – When using this method, you could be tempted to continue eating beyond the point when you feel physically fulfilled by the food, simply because you take pleasure in the emotional satisfaction. This is why it’s vital to remind yourself how you feel when you eat. Eat slowly, bit by bit & savor every bite – but stop eating when your stomach says “enough”. You will be less likely to over indulge if you are fully aware of how you reacted emotionally and physically when you eat.

Two -Counter disagreeable feelings before you try this method. If you experience stress, anger, or sadness, try not to use food to feel better in yourself. Do what you can to work through these feelings first, then eat when you feel better. Allow food to improve your positive emotions, do not use it as a band-aid for negative times in you life.

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