Eat Less Sugar and Lose Weight

If you aim to lose weight, the primary step will be to reduce your sugar intake. Sugary treats, sweet drinks & gooey goodies keep the body in the insulin-producing state, contributing to the formation of fat cells. The more sugar you eat, the more fat is stored in your body.

The problem is, it’s difficult to give up all that sugary goodness! How can you eat less sugar & lose weight without feeling as if you were robbed?

Here are 3 great ways to start:

Eat more protein.

Protein takes longer to digest than sugar, so it prevents your body from releasing too much insulin. Protein fills you up & gives energy to the muscles, which helps to give your body a lean, sleek look. Do your best to include sources of protein with every meal you eat. Good sources of protein are lean beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish & shellfish. Nuts, seeds, cheese & other dairy products also contain protein, although some of them may be high in fat, so eat them sparingly.

Eat more fruit.

Yes, fruit contains sugar too, but it’s a good-for-you sugar. Eating 3-4 servings of fresh fruit daily can dramatically reduce your cravings for refined sugar. A “serving” of fruit is a small piece, like a small banana or apple or half a cup of diced or chopped fruit like melon. Include some fruit snacks during the day to keep your sweet tooth satisfied. Avoid dried fruit & juice, however. These are usually much higher in sugar & can have the same effect on the body as refined white sugar.

Get happy.

Sugar is a mood altering substance & we often crave when we feel sad, could do with comfort or when our energy levels start to drop. If you take steps to keep you feeling happy & uplifted, you’ll find that you need to eat less sugar to boost your mood. Good ways to uplift your spirits are doing things you enjoy, spending time with loved one. Take naps when you feel tired & practising positive self-talk.

Lots of people find that simply by eating less sugar, they automatically begin to lose weight – even if no other changes in their eating habits made! Try it yourself & see if it works the same for you.

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