Bodybuilding Revealed Review-by Will Brink

I am not a bodybuilder, nor am I destined to become one in this lifetime. However, when I started reading “Brink’s Bodybuilding Revealed”, I could not put it down.

This 632 page book is very well-written and full of useful and interesting information. You get virtually everything you could possibly want to know about bodybuilding, whether you are a beginner, intermediate level, or advanced.

Will Brink is responsible for the majority of this book. His focus is on new bodybuilders and more intermediate level guys and gals.

The topics Brink covers include:

* Chapter 1 – Nutrition – which explains fat, protein and carbohydrates, goes into detail about the glycemic index, includes the “Brink Pyramid”, Brink’s Top 10 Bodybuilding Foods, and a section entitled Vegetarians vs. Meat Eaters.

* Chapter 2 – Constructing Your Muscle-Building Diet – this is the core of his diet and nutrition plan, and he goes into detail on resting metabolic rate, the thermic effect of a meal, and the energy expenditure of physical energy. This Chapter also includes the Meal Planner and how to use it.

* Chapter 3 – Getting Organized – in this Chapter, you learn how to set up your kitchen, dine out, and how to use the Diet Planner and Food Database.

* Chapter 4 – Completing the Picture – in this Chapter you learn how to work smarter, track your progress and use the Accumeasure to measure your body’s composition.

* Chapter 5 – Supplements – this Chapter reviews a number of popular supplements and reminds you that you can find over 440 supplement reviews in the Members’ Area Forum.

* Chapter 6 – Training – this Chapter covers the three and four days splits that most bodybuilders use. More advanced information can be found in the articles by Charles Poliquin and in the Members’ Area Forum.

* Chapter 7 – Cardio – Brink goes into detail on cardio and answers the question, “Does Cardio Help…Or Hinder Muscle Gain?”

Charles Poliquin has a great section – towards the end of the book – called “Individualization of Mass Building Programs” – which is targeted to the more advanced body builders. In addition, this section also includes:

* Poliquin’s 21 Training For Mass Principles
* Introduction to ‘Sample Training Programs’
* Sample Training Programs
* Are You Delusional About Your Fiber Makeup?

One very convenient feature of the ebook is the hyperlinks in each Chapter that lead you to videos and other information on Brink’s website that explain each exercise.

And, there’s more – this isn’t only an ebook. At the website you will find:

* A Members’ Area Forum, with paid professional moderators to answer all of your questions
* An exercise database
* Meal Planners, recipes, and shopping tips
* Good foods and foods to avoid
* And, much, much more

If you get confused at all the bodybuilding terms, never fear. Brink includes an appendix with a “Glossary of Bodybuilding Jargon and Slang” and another appendix with “Brink’s Top Mass Gaining Foods.”

As a bonus, included are three training reports by Evan R. Peck, M.D.:

* Overcoming Training Plateaus
* Misconceptions of Muscle Soreness
* Weight Training Injuries

In another very useful bonus, Brink gives you more than ten pages of “Brink’s Hybrid Training System” that “attempts to utilize all of the energy pathways by varying rep ranges, volume, tempo, etc. without over emphasizing any one pathway”.

Conclusion – This is an excellent ebook with access to many bonuses on Brink’s website. Anyone truly interested in bodybuilding should own a copy. Even couch potatoes like me found it full of useful information I could apply to my life.

Whether you are a bodybuilder – or not – you can improve your fitness and health with the information in this well-written ebook.

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