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So, what is the most effective way to lose weight?

In less than a day you can be losing more weight then you have in the past even if nothing has ever worked for you.

In less than the time it takes to eat your dinner you can learn how to fix everything that’s wrong with your body not losing weight.

The ease of you being able to lose weight will now be your weapon, instead of your weakness.

How will you attain these results?

We at TheDoctorIsThin are sooo excited about a new weight loss program called, “The Diet Solution Program” by Isabel Del Los Rios.

Isabel is one of the top nutritionist in the country. You get 9 no-nonsense e-books that take you from point A to Point Z to learn to lose weight quickly.

After one hour of reading the books, you’ll understand why you haven’t been able to keep the weight off in the past; you’ll have strategies that you can implement immediately, and the amount of weight you will be able to lose in the next week will trump anything you have attempted in the past.

Isabel’s online training is the best weight loss program I’ve ever seen, and you’ll soon agree.

Unlike other weight loss programs you may have seen, this training is unique because of how fast it works.

One week, that’s all it takes to see big gains

That’s because there is no fluff, each concept is broken down in simple terms, and everything is taught using easy to follow videos and simple short books that simplify the process of weight loss.

So it sticks better than other methods. Within 5 minutes of ordering, you will be watching this training and you’ll see for yourself why this is so organized.

Isabel’s online training does cover a lot of ground.

One of the things it really misses in the whole subject of weight loss is EXERCISE.

There is very little discussion about exercise, and after years of reading the research on losing weight, the reality is you need to exercise to lose weight.

I have solved this problem below, so keep reading and find out why I have put together a No Brainier for you… Just keep reading it is at the bottom of the page, a sort of bonus.

Even though this is sold as a weight loss program, the concepts Isabel explains are things that you need to do everyday anyway to stay healthy, so it is really for the whole family.

A nice aspect to the books is that all in PDF and very easy to download on your computer, so the instruction is crystal clear when watching them online.

The books are formatted to read on your Kindle or iPad so you can read them at a time where you can focus and learn.

Who is this training system for?

It’s for Any Body at Any Place in their Life where they want to get healthy.

It’s for anyone who wants to learn to become healthy, and for anyone who wants to improve their physical condition. That’s who should get this.

This training features Isabel Del Los Rios.

Why should we pay close attention to Isabel?

Where do I start! Isabel is one of the top Nutrition instructors in the world, who’s trained 1000’s of people on the healthy functional aspects of diet.

Isabel is not only a fantastic nutritionist; she actually lives what she preaches.

If you have the chance to be inside her kitchen, she prepares and eats exactly what are in her books (actually her whole family eats this way).

It is about creating a healthy lifestyle and that is what Isabel has created.

What exactly do you get?

Within 5 minutes of ordering, you get a password that grants you immediate access to the private training area.

Where inside you’ll ?nd the training videos and books that teach you

the right way to lose weight.

Also you get free lifetime updates to the course. And, once you buy, you get access to these materials forever. (Show inside member’s area)

Here’s why you have absolutely nothing to risk when you buy this product.

Isabel offers a no-nonsense guarantee. It is this simple. You will see results within two months or get your money back.

Give Isabel’s training a 60-Day Test to check it out for yourself. If you don’t like it for any reason, email here and you’ll get a full refund.

Simple as that. You have nothing to lose.

the diet solution program review bonus imageHere is my BONUS I talked about above that will make this transaction a no-brainer:

I mentioned above that The Diet Solution Program lacks a lot of information about exercise. You need to be exercising to lose weight.

It is a 50/50 thing. 50% Diet and 50% Exercise.

So what I did is put together a 10-page book on the most effective way to exercise to compliment the weight loss you will achieve with the Diet Solution Program.

You need a gym ball and open space in your home. You don’t need a gym membership or any fancy equipment.

It is a 20-minute workout that you can do everyday that boosts your metabolism and helps your body rid itself of fat.

The exercises are based on the use of your whole body as the resistance. It forces you to sweat and build strength and balance in your core, which jump-starts your body into fat loss.

This book is delivered immediately to you when you purchase the Diet Solution Program from the link below.

We were going to sell this book separately for $65.

However I’ve decided to give it to you as a Bonus, with your purchase of The Diet Solution Program. And, you are still protected by the 60-day risk-free guarantee so you can’t lose.

Even if you refund the Diet Solution Program, you can keep my DS Fitness Bulueprint on the house.

The price Isabel is charging is so little compared to what you get:

surveyed some local doctors and nutritionist I know and asked them to estimate how much money does it take the average person to lose 20 lbs.

The average was between $1500-$2000

She won’t charge you anywhere close to that.

Since Isabel can leverage the power of online video and book production, she’s able to give you the equivalent of thousands of dollars of private coaching at a tiny, tiny fraction of that cost.

What’s the Price?

We have made this training very affordable. Isabel is running a limited time marketing test – a Surprise Sale – allowing you to grab the ENTIRE training for just $47.

Allowing you to test drive the entire training now with minimal risk.

Plus, you will still get the Bonus Package. I can’t make it fairer than this.

You get to access this training for less than the price of a night out with your significant other..

I must stress this is a VERY limited time offer, which will only last a short time. So take action now.

Thanks again for watching, I can’t wait to share this course with you, and hopefully I’ll see you INSIDE the member’s area!

Dr. Anita & Dr. Al