Balance Your Life,Balance Your Weight

Balance your life, balance your weight

Balance your life, balance your weight say many health professionals. How does a person have balance in their life and isn’t balance different for everyone? I am always looking for insightful answers to the complex issues around weight loss and body image.

The following article by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP appeared on a website I really trust and enjoy called Women to Women. I enjoyed it very much, I hope you do too.

Balance Your Life, Balance Your Weight

Over the years I’m sure I’ve lost over 100 pounds — the same 10 pounds, 10 times! And so many of my patients tell me the same thing, I wonder how many American women (and their daughters) are on a diet on any given day. We spend billions of dollars a year on diets and weight loss products, yet nearly two-thirds of us are overweight — a trend that’s steadily inching upwards along with our waistlines!

Never mind that all these weight loss efforts don’t work, we are putting ourselves through hell to get nowhere. I’ve seen women willing to sacrifice just about anything to lose weight — even their health and well-being. But when I tell women I have a solution for them that doesn’t involve suffering or a magical pill, many say, “Oh, come on, Marcelle, can I really lose weight the natural way?”

The answer, I assure you, is “Yes!” I wholeheartedly believe you can lose weight, and that you can do it naturally without starving yourself, without eating food that doesn’t resemble food, without gimmicks, drugs or fad diets. You can do it and create balance, health, and well-being in your life while you’re at it.


Balance your life, balance your weight

I’ve worked hard on this issue in my practice, and in over 25 years of clinical experience, I’ve developed a highly effective way to help women unravel the stubborn knot of issues surrounding unwanted excess weight.There are five essential areas to address:

Overcoming weight loss resistance

These are the systemic imbalances I see most often undermine weight loss efforts and create weight loss resistance:

  • Hormonal
  • Adrenal
  • Neurotransmitter

Weight loss in one word: balance

Think of your body like your home. When everything is running smoothly in my house, I can create delicious meals in a well-organized kitchen, I can entertain and enjoy my guests, I can feel the sunlight beaming through the windows, I feel at peace yet poised to resolve a crisis if one should arise, I feel spontaneous and generous.

Even my family seems to get along better when the house is in order. This is also true of our bodies. When all the major systems are in balance, we not only feel good, but our adrenal glands are able to protect us, our hormones relay their messages smoothly, our digestive system can adequately nourish us, and we can efficiently get rid of or “detoxify” the things we don’t need. All of our systems depend on one another and if one is out of balance, the others can suffer, making weight loss a miserable uphill battle.

Discovering if you have a systemic imbalance in your body may be the missing piece to your weight loss puzzle. Whether it’s hormonal imbalance, adrenal dysfunction, neurotransmitter, digestive, inflammatory, or detoxification system imbalance, correcting it is key to natural and lasting weight loss — and to your overall health. Because once your body is restored to its natural balance, excess weight will come off. To learn if your stubborn weight could be rooted in one of these imbalances, take ourWeight Loss Profile.

Getting the right raw materials — nutrients your body can put to good use

Most of us were raised to think that if we only ate less and exercised more, we could easily lose weight. I found out the hard way that the calories in/calories out concept just doesn’t work for everyone. When I was just 19 I joined Weight Watchers to lose weight and followed all the rules — counting calories religiously and exercising vigorously — but only lost a half pound! It wasn’t until years later, after learning that I was gluten-sensitive that I was able to solve my personal weight loss puzzle.

No doubt we’ll continue to hear that it all comes down to calories and will-power. But the reality is, if you eat 1,200 calories of junk versus 1,200 calories of balanced nutrition, the messages your body receives are drastically different — no matter how much you exercise. Make that a lifelong pattern and over time — no matter what the Twinkie diet guru says — it’s going to make a huge difference to your wellness and your waistline.

  • Strive to eat whole, natural foods. Load up on vegetables and fruit, emphasize plant-based proteins like nuts and legumes, use whole grains in moderation rather than refined flours and sugars, and select high-quality meat and fish — the less processed the better.
  • Help your metabolism operate at full capacity with a high-quality multivitamin/ mineral complex like the one we offer in our Personal Program. We also now offer a delicious snack shake in that will not only satisfy your hunger, but help to support your metabolism. This micronutrient and phytonutrient support will help ensure that your cellular pathways are continually supplied to function well each day.
  • Drink plenty of filtered spring water, mineral water, or freshly brewed or iced herbal tea or green tea each day, to help flush any built-up “clutter” from your system.
As I get older I realize how important it is to recharge my emotional and spiritual self. I think that is an important part of finding balance. You’ll be amazed but it’s true you can balance your life, balance your weight and really take the best possible care of yourself. Now wouldn’t that be wonderful?



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