Joanne Got Fed Up With Finding That “Magic Pill” For Weight Loss; And Lost 71 lbs In 258 Days..

She used a simple natural weight loss ‘switch’ that guarantees success …

Read her story and find out how!

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Have you ever been overweight,  felt sooo frustrated…

Can’t seem to find the ‘magic pill’ to get on track with weight loss

natural weight loss success

Joanne gave me this to show you. This is at 60 lbs of weight loss

That was Joanne about 10 months ago

She discovered there is no magic pill.

But there is a ‘switch’

All weight loss programs work – if you stick to them.

Joanne tried pretty much every program and many more than just once.

She’d do great for the 1st few weeks then something would happen

She’d derail, fall off the weight loss program and gain all the weight back and usually more.

Sound familiar?

The problem or as Joanne prefers to say the ‘Missing Link’ was in her mind not in the programs.

She is determined and feisty when she wants to be.

However in the past she had the attitude of:

“Don’t try and tell me what to do or when to do it or I’ll get resistant and dig in my heels”

This attitude was not helping her create success.

She discovered that what she needed to do was DECIDE.

She needed to be ready to create the change in her life.

Joanne needed to want weight loss bad enough and stop sabotaging her results.

She needed tolet go of the resistance as it was only hurting her.

ONLY her and ONLY YOU have your magic weight switch and it is inside each of us.

It is doable and available to each of us when we are truly ready and decide.

So how did Joanne find her “Weight Loss Switch” and keep it on?

She was feeling very heavy, tired and downright unhealthy.

Her weight was becoming more of a health issue than just a cosmetic appearance issue.

She went to her doctors for a check up.

She wanted him to shock her and tell her she had high blood pressure or was on the verge of becoming diabetic.

But he didn’t.

Her blood pressure was fine and no sign of diabetes.

When she told him how much she weighed (100 lbs overweight) he calmly told her:

“In the medical field we call that morbidly Obese”

Now that got Joanne’s attention.

Morbidly obese?

How did that happen?

It was a sobering moment and not one she shared with anyone for quite some time.

Even now this is the 1st time she has told anyone and she was very uncomfortable letting me share it wit you.

She left his office sobered and in deep thought.

When I met Joanne, I knew she had done a lot of personal development work.

She had attended many programs where she looked and learned so much about her inner thoughts, beliefs, emotions and unhealthy behaviours.

It was actually quite amazing the incredible changes she had made in her life thanks to these programs.

Yet the weight loss issue still followed closely and was now out of hand.

She heard many times that she need to love herself.

In fact I remember many times telling her that.

Her question back was always WHAT does that really mean?

She decided that in 2011 she would focus on the phrase ‘Cherish Me’.

That was to be her focus for 2011

She later admitted to me that she wasn’t sure how to do that.

She was the typical 40’s female that spent many years focusing on others

she always came 2nd or 3rd or more likely 4th down the line.

She needed help as this challenge seemed too big for her to handle alone.

She did something she’d never done before

and frankly something I have never written about before.

She quietly and sincerely asked God or you may say ‘the universe’ for help.

I don’t say this lightly and it would be more comfortable for me to leave this part out.

Yet it’s clear to me in talking to Joanne that it is part of her “Switch”

And I am ok with not fully understanding it and do not want to even attempt to explain it.

All I know is that we are not alone anymore in this quest for health.

Even with all the awareness she was still STUCK.

How did she become unstuck and create this weight loss success?

Quite simply in as few words as possible:


For a couple of weeks she knew she was different in her head.

Her new healthy actions didn’t kick in right way but she just knew she could do it.

She knew she was going to do this.

Joanne was determined to move forward.

She got annoyed when people still kept treating her in the old way and that they couldn’t see she was feeling different.

In her mind she was thinking “DON’T YOU SEE IT?”

“Can’t you tell I am thinking different?”

Then she realized it doesn’t matter what anyone sees or doesn’t see…

This is only about her walking it out and daily choosing change.

She decided to change her thinking;

she started being nice to herself.

She stopped automatically going to the negative thought of

What is not working in my life


What is wrong with me

She flipped the coin to the positive and thought

What IS working

How far I have come

How grateful I am for all the good

She also became more grateful for her past and acknowledged that it was what brought her to where she is today.

She is truly being kinder to herself, appreciating and cherishing HER.

What she really decided to do is

‘Change her story’

We all have a story and a history, yet we can rewrite it at any moment and choose to move forward.

Personal awareness is crucial yet what you do with the awareness is also key

When her head goes to old thought patterns of “I stop it” she then thinks…

That was THEN this is NOW

It’s a new story.

She decided to first start walking

She knew she had to create some healthy habits.

There was no short cut – Joanne simply had to get up and out of bed in the morning and walk.

The first few days it was simply willpower and determination.

She felt heavy and it was awkward.

But she told herself “it didn’t matter how far I went or how fast, just walk a minimum of 20-30 minutes.” (She now walks a min of an hour to 1 ½ hours per day and it is in a hilly area and she loves.)

She now gets antsy if she misses a day!

  • She then decided to change the way she eats. (More on that below)
  • She committed herself to doing it with integrity and full participation.
  • Her new eating program is now her tool kit but it’s only a piece of the puzzle.
  • She decided no wine or alcohol for the 30 days – no Starbucks or snacking.
  • She decided she was worth the effort. (That’s a big one)

Ask yourself….Are you worth the effort?

If you say no or aren’t sure you better rethink that and

‘change your story’

You must make yourself a priority and definitely feel you are worth the effort.

For the initial 30 days she was very strict with herself and stuck solidly to her weight loss program.

It created a great kick off.

She celebrated her milestones along the way

So now if something special or unique comes up and she eats more than usual or misses a walk.

She doesn’t beat herself up and tell herself she screwed up and get discouraged.

It’s now been 8 months and 3 weeks and she has lost 71 lbs and over 52 inches.

Her goal is to let go of 100 lbs and she knows she will do it.

She figured it out.

Poof magic pill found!

She knows without a doubt it will continue to be something in her life that she will have to CHOOSE daily.

She no longer sees herself wearing her invisibility cloak anymore.

She is proud of herself and craves being seen and feeling vibrant and healthy.

In her mind the fat suit was keeping her safe and she now knows she can trust herself to take care of her.

She told me the other day that she loves being able to clothes shop in ‘regular’ stores.

Her journey continues and each day she is discovering new awareness and creating healthy habits and behaviours.

She is not perfect but focused on the now and onward.

Optimism is abundant

It’s a new story for her and she loves that she is taking care of HERSELF!

She gets it now.

She is creating self respect and self acceptance.

If there is a magic pill these two words are it:

Self Love. I CHOOSE CHANGE! Do You?

The important factor in losing weight is in your ability to deal with Self Sabotage.

This is how Joanne found her “Magic Pill”

She found a new way to change her habits by addressing the Why and How of her Self Sabotage.

Interested in learning Joanne technique for doing this?

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Best Regards,

Dr. Anita

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