Adopt an optimistic attitude and Lose more weight

Do you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist? Would you believe that your state of mind can have a fundamental influence on how much weight you lose? Let’s face it, losing weight can be difficult. You’ve to continuously work on improving your eating habits, avoiding fattening foods that you used to love.

Making time for exercise each day, & generally spending more time to take good care of yourself.

When you try to do all these things under a cloud of negative thoughts, it just feels so much harder. Your negative self-talk works against you so that you feel unmotivated.

When you build healthy habits, positive thinking, you’ll find that losing weight becomes much easier. You’ll get pleasure from exercise. You’ll love to prepare healthy meals & snacks. Take better care of yourself is a pleasure not a chore.

Here are 5 good ways to develop a positive, upbeat frame of mind to make your weight loss easier:

1 – Believe in yourself.

Belief that you deserve to lose weight & create a healthier lifestyle. Say things like this to yourself often: “I know I can do this & I know I am worth the effort I deserve to be healthy & happy & the actions I take today will help me achieve this. ” ”

2 – Believe in your abilities.

If you don’t think you can effortlessly lose weight & keep it off, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle all the way to your goal weight. Fight against this by regularly reminding yourself that you can reach your goals. “I’m stronger than cravings for sweets & junk food. I can make better choices for my own health & wellness. I have achieved a lot in my life, I look forward to the feeling of achievement. I dont now want to fail ” Cravings will pass & I will feel really good about myself tomorrow if I just do my best today ”

3. Believe that the challenges are volatile.

After a hard day, don’t take the pessimist’s view that you can not handle it. Keep telling yourself that the challenges come & go. It’s how you react to them is crucial. “I found it hard to stick to my diet today, but I will just take it moment by moment. Failure is only sure when you give up.

4. Believe that you can never fail.

 Keep repeating to yourself, “Failure is impossible for me.”

5. Believe you already are successful.

Make a long list of all you accomplishments. What have you achieved in your life? What goals have you met that makes you feel proud? They don’t have to be big goals! Did you plan to drink more water than last night & you did it? Did you plan to exercise for thirty minuets & did it? Write each small success you can imagine & confirm that achieving your weight loss goal will be as easy.


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