5 Super Strategies for Slim & Trim Calves

If you want lean, sexy legs that look great in a dress, shorts, or even a bathing suit, you need to work to give your legs a sleek, streamlined appearance. Calves can often have a bulky look, due to the stored fat or training with specific exercises.

Slimming them down isn’t hard – just requires a little time & effort. Here are 5 super strategies for slimming down the calves to achieve the look you are after:


Number one – Dietary Changes

First of all, think about whether you are carrying any excess fat on your body. If so, it’s not surprising that your calves are also. Start by reducing your calorie intake, drink more water & improve the quality of food you eat, remove excess sugar & sodium & work towards eating more healthy, natural foods like vegetables & fruit.

Number two – Cardio Workouts

Start burning calories through cardio workouts. Walking, running, aerobics, cycling & swimming are all great cardio workout that helps you burn calories without bulking calf muscles.

Number Three – Toning Workouts

Now that you are  burning calories & losing weight, you can begin to focus on toning those calf muscles. Here is a great toning exercise for the calves is. Standing with your feet a few inches apart, then rising up on your toes, then slowly back down on flat feet. Repeat 15-25 times per session, & as this is suck and easy exorcise you can even do a few sessions per day.  To tone your entire leg, stand with your feet shoulder width apart & sinking slowly into a squat, bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Hold for a few seconds, then slowly stand up again – but keep going with rising on toes, hold for a few seconds, then lower yourself back to flat feet & drops down into a squat again. You can repeat this exercise as many times as you want.

Number Four – Extension Resistance

In addition to the toning exercises described above, there are other  strength training moves that’ll help to stretch the calf muscles & give them a leaner look. Pilates involve some great exercises for the whole body, there are great DVDs that can help you get started with Pilates. In the meantime, if you want a simple stretching moves you can do at home, lie on your back & raise your legs straight up so that the soles are facing the ceiling. Now “pointing” your toes right up to the ceiling, then “flex” your feet so your heels are now pointing to the ceiling. Repeat for 15-25 repetitions, pointing & flexing, & you feel your calf muscles to get a great workout!

Number Five – Stretching Calf Muscles

Finally, stretching is an important part of slimming calves. After each workout, you should gently stretch all the muscles, are really an extension (only if it’s comfortable for you) & hold for several seconds.

Follow these great steps to slim down your calves & tone your legs all over.

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