5 drinks that can help while trying to lose weight

You probably already know that eating right & exercise are important parts of a weight loss plan, but what about beverages? What drinks are there that may help with weight loss?

One – Vegetable juice

Vegetables are loaded with nutrients & antioxidants, & drinking vegetable juice is a great way to supplement a healthy eating plan. Avoid bottled juice because many of them contain added sugar & chemicals. Juicing machines have become quite affordable & they allow you to make your own fresh vegetables juice whenever you want. Some good juice to try: Carrot, cabbage, tomato, celery, cucumber & spinach. A vegetable juice tastes dry & bitter, so you may want to add a small amount of apple or orange juice to taste.

Two – Green tea

Green tea has long been believed to help you lose weight to its thermogenic properties. Drink 2-4 cups of green tea every day provides a good dose of antioxidants & fat-burning power to help weight loss. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, the decaffeinated green tea available in most stores.

Three – Protein shakes

Protein shakes can be very useful in a weight loss plan. Especially if you often don’t eat enough protein, they can help supplement your protein intake which is important if you’re working out daily. They can also help to keep you satisfied longer when taken between meals or with a small snack. Warning – some protein shakes can be high in calories & sugar so check the labels first.

Four – Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is reported to be helpful in healing all sorts of health ailments, including obesity. Apple cider vinegar is potent & shouldn’t be taken undiluted – one to two teaspoons mixed in eight ounces of water, 3 times a day is the most common setting. Make sure to tell your doctor if you’re taking medication or being treated for a medical condition.

Five – Water

Some experts claim that drinking ice cold water helps even more than warm or room temperature water because the body must work harder to warm up before absorbing it, resulting in a couple of extra calories burned. If this is true or not, drinking water is the most beneficial things you can do to improve your health & lose weight.

While these beverages alone probably won’t make you lose a great deal of weight, but, they can certainly help to improve health & increase metabolism, an added benefit no matter what weight loss plan you’re following.

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