5 common causes your diet can fail

When you start a diet, you’ve all the best intentions of sticking with it & reach your weight loss goals. Unfortunately, many (even most) people who begin a diet, give up after a few short weeks, or even less. Why’s this happening?

There are a number of possible reasons why a diet may fail. Take a look at some of the more common reasons below:

You resist change.

Although you might want to change, you can also have a hard time doing it. Let’s face it, most of us are creatures of habit. We like things comfortable & predictable. If we’re forced to out of our comfortable habits (or if we just decide we want to change them) to change, we’re suddenly feel the instability & unpredictability that can consumes us.

There are 2 possible solutions: Either find a way to make new habits, or keep telling yourself that change is good, even if it feels strange at first. Over time, these changes in life style will become habits themselves. The trick is to hang in there long enough until you get used to living a healthier lifestyle. When that happens, maintaining these changes become relatively effortless.

Lack of motivation.

What can you do if you’re just not motivated to exercise, eat well & better take care of yourself? GET motivated! There are so many ways to improve your mood, boost your energy & make dieting more attractive. Experiment with new recipes. Look at pictures of thin models & imagine how good it’ll feel to be that way myself, join a hiking club,  drink water when you feel a craving coming on. Make new healthy lifestyle fun & exciting & you’ve no lack of motivation.

You are cheating.

If you’ve fallen under the influence of “eat all you want & still lose weight” which is hyped by many diet pills & programmes today, you can try to “have your cake & eat it.” You simply can not keep eating all the food that made you fat & lose weight at the same time. Occasional treats are fine, but do it every day or even every week & you could be in trouble. I instead find ways to restore your old favorites into healthier, lower calorie ways. Or create a new diet-friendly treats you like just as much. Save fattening treats for special occasions, & even then, only a few bites to satisfy your taste buds.


Are you sure you really want to lose weight To see all of the challenges & discomfort that might come along with it to consider, you can sabotage your own goals, so you don’t have to deal with all that. For example, you get a lot of attention, if you lose weight & if you’re a shy person you can withstand losing because of it. If you’ve lost weight, you’ll no longer have any excuses for not living the life you dream about, so you stay overweight. There are endless things you might fear, but all comes down to 1 thing: Perception. Remind yourself that even if you’re dealing with some uncomfortable conditions after you lose weight, you can still treat them.

You can not deal with cravings.

If you’re struggling with a constant craving for sweets & other junk food, you may decide only the torture isn’t worth it & give up on your diet. There is another way: Find ways to manage cravings. Keep your hands busy. Stand up & walk around the block. Or, just tell the desire, “You no longer control me I decide what I put in my mouth,  I choose to ignore you “.  Suck on mints or chew sugarless gum. ”

No matter what your personal diet challenges, solutions do exist! Just proactive in finding solutions that’ll work best for you.

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