3 simple tips to help you make time for exercise

Finding time for exercise isn’t always straightforward, in particular if your life is already filled with additional obligations & activities. But there are basic lifestyle changes you can do to effortlessly fit in enough exercise.

Try this to begin with:

Tip one: Banish needless activities.

How much time do you flop on the couch, watching brainless TV shows? Ok, perhaps there are certain shows that are your definite favorites that you don’t want to give up. When you know you are just wasting time, walk away from the television. Or you can even do some basic callisthenics while watching those lackluster re-runs! Stand up in place, do jumping jacks, push-ups & sit-ups.

Tip 2: Wake up earlier or go to bed later.

You actually only need thirty minuets of exercise daily to aid with weight loss & maintain good health. Squeeze in that half hour of physical activity early in the morning or evening when your family is in bed. Morning exercise can be more beneficial, in particular if you might’ve trouble sleeping after an evening workout.

Tip 3: Make time for downtime.

Make use of any time during the day where you find that there is little for you to do. Maybe after the kids come home from school, but before you take them to leisure activities? When you’ve periods of lag time between activities & tasks, you can squeeze in a few minuets of training. Even if you exercised for ten minutes, 3 times a day, it’s thirty minutes.

Making time for exercise can be difficult, but it becomes much easier if you use the time you have more efficiently. We all have the same twenty-four hours a day. The difference between fit & unfit people is how they use those twenty-four hours.

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